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Fashion Designing
  • Number of students: 250+
  • Course Duration: 1 year
  • Level: Advanced

Fashion Designing Course in Kolkata

Want to be a Fashion Designer? Looking for a Fashion Designing course in kolkata ? Join Disha Fashion Institute's certificate course of Fashion Designing which covers all the topics comprehensively that is required to become a fashion practitioner.
Starting from introduction to Fashion Designing, the course will cover combination of all the topics including sewing, garments constructions, draping, illustrations, ornamentation of garments etc.

Fashion Designing Course Fee

Online Fashion Designing Class

Admission Fee: Rs. 2000/-
Monthly Fee: Rs. 1600/-

Fashion Designing courses in kolkata fees (Location: Laketown Jessore Road)

Admission Fee: Rs. 2000/-
Monthly Fee: Rs. 1600/-

Course Curriculum

Fashion Designing Theory

Introduction to Fashion Designing:

<a href=This topic will cover what Fashion is and a brief history of Fashion Designing from the medieval to the present era.
Fashion is an aesthetic expression. In simple words whatever a human being does to look good is Fashion. But the fashion designers are the artists who identify the fashion trends and apply modern fashion techniques to clothing, shoes, accessories etc with a suitable selection of styles, fabrics, colors, prints etc.

Fashion Trends

This topic will cover what Fashion trend is and what types of fashion trend can exist all over the world. In the present days of internet connectivity the fashion trends are changing at rate faster than any period of human race in past. A fashion designer need to understand and identify the fashion trends of the particular time, geography, ethnicity, context on which he/she is working.

Essential terminology for fashion industry

A dictionary of words related to fashion. These are fashion terms you need to know to work in the fashion industry. This topic will enhance your fashion vocabulary.

colour theory

Color Theory

Study of different types of Colour, Colour harmony & Colour schemes. Designers are experts in combining colours in original ways, and each collection requires a new and creative mix of colours. Some designers are known for their signature colour palettes, which reflect their individual perspectives and preferences. The palettes are modified from collection to collection, but the stamp of the designer’s style is always present and sometimes results in the beginning of new design trends. Other designers change palettes at will to fit the needs of the individual collection and the trends prevailing.


Type of texture and application in clothing.

Basic elements and principles of Fashion Designing

Introduction of Machinery Used for Stitching

Use of machine, cutting and sewing tools and equipment’s.
Machinery Used for Stitching
Machinery Used for Stitching

Eight Heads Theory

Garment fitting is based on taking body measurements. So it is very important for a dress maker to know how to take accurate measurements. For a successful garment cutting, one must know the size and shape of the human body, for which designing has to be done. Anatomy begins with the eight head theory.

Study of human figures and body measurements

Study of human figures and body measurements
Study of human figures and body measurements

Measurement Chart for Women, Men & Children

Basic Seam

Hand and machine sewing techniques & Stitches.

Fibre and Fabrics

Fibres are the basic components of textile fabrics. Each has a unique characteristic that it lends to the fabrics made from it. Although fabric’s character can be altered by yarn structure, by the type of weave and also by the finish that is given to the fabric, the original personality is still evident in the final fabric and is important to its uses and its care.

Fabric & Fabric care

The proper care of clothes ensures that the garments last longer and gives one value for money and look great after a number of washings.


Introduction to Patternmaking: Cutting & Stitching

Starting from Household Items/Accessories to advance designer women dresses.

Garments renovation

The concept of re-styling and re-fashioning of garments

Patternmaking and Sewing

Patternmaking and Sewing
  • Basic body block
  • Basic Trouser Block
  • Toddlers frock & Bloomer
  • Traditional Dresses for Kids
  • Two type frock (Plain/Balloon/Box plated or umbrella)
  • Skirt-Top
  • Different type of neck lines, waist lines, hemlines, collar, sleeves, cuffs, plackets and pockets
  • Simple Ladies Kurta
  • Salwar with belt
  • Churidar with belt
  • Different types of Salwar suits – 5 different patterns
  • Blouse 3 Types (Simple/Cross patti/ princes/ raglan sleeves /single & double Katori)
  • Designer Blouses – 4 patterns
  • Petticoat two type
  • Sari Making (with or Without Brooked)
  • Designer Sari Making – 2 patterns
  • Lehenga with Choli
  • Western Top – 2patterns
  • Palazzo Pant
  • Wrap Around Skirt
  • Basic Shirt Block (Gents)

Garment fitting, seam allowance, fabric requirement

Fit refers to how well a garment conforms to the three-dimensional human body. Good fit is crucial to one’s satisfaction. However, it is often easier to find clothes in right colours, prices and style that one likes than a well-fitted garment. The effect of a stunning design, gorgeous fabric and exquisite workmanship are destroyed if the finished garment doesn’t fit well to the intended wearer.
The topic also explains dart manipulation and seam line grading (grading for enlargement of garment size).

Garments Draping

Garments Draping

Draping is a technique used to make a 3-dimensional dress pattern with the aid of a dress form figure by pinning and placing fabric against the form to create a garment.


  • Basic lines and design
  • Geometrical designs
  • Basic figure men, woman and kid
  • Figure problems /Basic Illustration
  • Basic color
  • Styles of figure

Ornamentation of Garments

  • Fabric printing
  • Block printing
  • Tie and Dye
  • Screen printing
  • Vegetable Print
  • T-shirts design

Fashion Accessories

  • Hair Band
  • Door hanging charm
  • Potli bag/ Batua/wallet
  • Neck piece
  • Earring
  • Mobile cover

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