Diploma in Sewing And Designing

Join Disha Fashion Institute, a Vocational training center on tailoring training and allied courses. Get a diploma in sewing and designing.
Vocational Training on Tailoring
Vocational Training on Tailoring

Join our classroom training or Online tailoring training of 6 Months Diploma Course in Sewing and Dress Designing. Starting from as simple as pillow cover, umbrella frock to house coat, Nehru Kurta to Bengali Kurta this course contains all simple to designer pattern making method required to become an apparel making expert.

Vocational Training in Tailoring

With over a decade of experience in vocational tailoring training, Disha Fashion Institute, a vocational training center has the expertise to help you master the principles of tailoring. Get a diploma in sewing and designing from our tailoring training center. This is a beginner level as well as advanced tailoring training which covers variety of Women dresses, blouse, kameez, churidar kameez, kurti, frocks, men's wear and children's wear.

Anyone who does not even know how to thread a needle or tie a knot can join this tailoring training course. This course is useful for the experienced tailors as well because it has advanced men's and women's dresses like Nehru Kurta to Bengali Kurta and Pipin Blouse to Collar Blouse. Go through the full list of items taught in this course.

Spare few minutes to watch a short video below, on our vocational training. After that you can scroll down the page to view the full syllabus.

Course Syllabus

Woman Dresses

  1. Six Panel Petticoat
  2. A-line Cut frock
  3. Peni Frock
  4. Mekiya Frock
  5. Umbrella Frock
  6. Under Wear
  7. Plain Nighty
  8. Plain Kameez
  9. Salwar with belt
  10. Plain Blouse
  11. Churidar Kameez
  12. Churidar With Belt
  13. House coat
  14. Collar Blouse
  15. Pipin Blouse
  16. Choli Cut Blouse
  17. Short Sleeve blouse with Lining
  18. Night Gown Set
  19. Night Suit
  20. Full Length Wraparound Skirt
  21. Squat
  22. Angarakha Kurta
  23. Princess Shirt
  24. Patchwork Kurta

Childen's Wear

  1. Janghia
  2. Children's Bengali Kurta
  3. 2 Part Skirt
  4. School Dress
  5. Bib
  6. Feeder
  7. Panties
  8. Toddlers Frock(Jhabla two variations)
  9. Baba Suit
  10. Slip
  11. Bloomer
  12. Under Wear with Gusset
  13. Top
  14. Shorts & Shirt
  15. Sun Suit
  16. Pleated Skirt
  17. Sports Skirt
  18. A-Line Frock
  19. Party Frock
  20. Dungarees
  21. Jump Suit
  22. Baby Bag

Household accessories

  1. Pillow Cover
  2. Cushion Cover
  3. Apron with Decorative Stitches

Men's Wear (Not included in Online Tailoring Training)

  1. Basic Shirt Block
  2. Shirt Full Sleeve
  3. Shirt Half Sleeve
  4. Aligarhi Pajama
  5. Basic Trouser Block
  6. Flat Front Trousers
  7. Churidar
  8. Cargo Pants
  9. Achkan
  10. Kalidar Kurta
  11. Nehru Kurta
  12. Bengali Kurta
  13. Waist Coat
  14. Denim Jacket

Course Fee

Admission Fee: 530/-
Monthly Fee: 700/-
(Same course fee for both online classes and classroom trainings)

To take admission Pay Here

After the successful payment Register Here

There is no Hurry to take the decision to join a tailoring training course or Fashion Designing course. Take your time. At first decide the purpose of joining a tailoring training.

Are you planning to open a boutique ?

Do you want to become a tailor ?

or do you want to learn tailoring to feed your creative mind and give wings to your innovation ?

In any of these mentioned cases, Disha Fashion Institute gives you a platform to explore the world of sewing. You can subscribe our YouTube channel or Like our Facebook page. We regularly share plenty of 'How to' sewing and Fashion Designing videos and articles. From where you can learn many sewing techniques sitting at home. You can get an idea of tailoring occupations in the country, key concepts on boutique management etc. You will get every guidance, free of cost from our social media videos, posts and articles. To learn tailoring in a professional way, you will need to enrol to any of our tailoring training course.

Tools and Accessories required for tailoring training classes
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper
  • Marker
  • Cotton fabric
  • Notebook or graph book
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Stapler
  • Hand Needle
  • Thread
  • Head pin(ball pin)

Not Mandatory in initial classes

  • Bobbin
  • Bobbin case
  • Single Machine Needle(14 to 16 number)
  • L Square
  • Bottom Ruler
  • Cutting Ruler
  • Straight Ruler
  • Arm Sleeve Ruler
Classroom training Monday-Friday
Monday Friday
Batch1 11am to 1pm 11am to 1pm
Batch2 2pm to 4pm 2pm to 4pm
Batch3 4pm to 6pm 4pm to 6pm
Classroom training Tuesday-Thursday
Tuesday Thursday
Batch4 11am to 1pm 11am to 1pm
Batch5 2pm to 4pm 2pm to 4pm
Batch6 4pm to 6pm 4pm to 6pm
Classroom training Sunday
Batch7 11am to 2pm
Online Monday-Friday
Monday Friday
OnlineBatch1 11am to 1pm 11am to 1pm
OnlineBatch2 4pm to 6pm 4pm to 6pm
Online Tuesday-Thursday
Tuesday Thursday
OnlineBatch3 11am to 1pm 11am to 1pm
OnlineBatch4 4pm to 6pm 4pm to 6pm