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Acquire cutting and stitching skills from government certified vocational tailoring classes and apparel designing courses. Join Disha Fashion Institute the best tailoring school in Kolkata. This is a single destination for all USHA sewing courses starting from tailoring training classes to fashion designing and dress designing courses. The tailoring school was originally founded with the vision of empowering woman. But now men can also join our tailoring classes. Come and join our offline or online tailoring classes, develop your skills in cutting and stitching, dress designing, fashion designing, embroidery etc and explore the career options in the world of sewing.
You can choose either classroom training or online sewing class. All the below mentioned classroom courses are available over online Live classes. You can contact on 7439343055 / 9748123949 /9331931674 for more details

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Learn to Sew

Unlock Your Creativity: Why You Should Join a Stitching Class

Many of us specially girls have learned cutting and stitching in very young age. If I talk about India, specially Bengal, stitching is one of the Skill which used to be considered as a must have quality of a woman when they reached the age of marriage. But it is not the case that only girls learn cutting and stitching clothes to make beautiful dresses. Most of the tailors in the country are male. So, for the men in India, cutting and stitching was not the must have quality. They learn it for business purpose. But girls learn the skill for domestic need. Having said that, now a days the society is being changed for good. We can see many woman who are in the stitching profession. Let me discuss the benefits of joining stitching classes, both for professional purpose and for individual well being. Let us start with the non-professional aspects at first then we will talk the earning opportunities starting from getting a tailor job to become a Fashion blogger or opening your own e-commerce portal.


Disha Fashion Institute provides Government Tailoring classes where you will get vocational training certificates from Educational Board of Vocational training and research, Government of India, at the end of your course. Please note that, Disha Fashion Institute used to be an Usha Sewing School earlier, but Usha Silai School certificates are stopped due to Pandemic until further notice. Having said that, there is no impact in our tailoring classes or fashion designing courses. Our classroom training and online classes have grown many folds after tie-ups with government bodies. The overall placement and online business opportunities have been increased since pandemic. Working from home being a potential option the sewing occupations have been emerged as an in demand career option in recent past.

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Usha Sewing School

Certified Skill Development

After developing the stitching skills from our offline or online stitching classes of Usha sewing school you can move to different Tailoring occupations starting from getting a Tailor's Job to become a Fashion Blogger. There are plenty of job opportunities in the Tailoring world. With the growing Fashion Industry and human desire to look good, better and the best, The Fashion and Makeup Artistry Occupations has an ever rising demand.


Become a Tailor

You can Join Our Tailor's and Designer's Team after successful completion of your sewing courses. We get order from different part of the country even from Bangladesh. We complete the dress making orders with the help of the tailors and designers team formed by our own students.

Start an Online Business

You can open your own boutique or an online/ecommerce business. As a part of the sewing courses we will guide you and support you to set up your own business manage your boutique market your product etc

Become a Fashion Designer

You can get placement opportunity from the institute as well in the manufacturing units of small businesses, middle level Industries or Nation-wide companies after learning the apparel making and designing skills from the tailoring classes.

Open your own school

You can open your own Usha sewing school or fashion designing institute. We help students with school administration guidance and digital marketing. We also take special classes to help starting the school.

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