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Variety of Courses

From Tailoring Classes for Beginners to Advanced Stitching Classes You will Find a Course for Everyone.

Sewing Classes for Benginners

Duration: 6 Months

Tailoring Class Fees: Monthly Fee - 700/-
Admission Fee - 550/-


Diploma in Tailoring

Duration: 1 Year (2 Semesters)

Tailoring Class Fees: Monthly Fee (1st Sem) - 700/-
Monthly Fee (2nd Sem) - 1000/-
Admission Fee - 550/-


Online Tailoring Classes

All Live Classes in Online Tailoring Course. Flexible Learning. Join Our Online Stitching Classes from Anywhere at Your Suitable Time

Blouse Designing Classes

Duration: 3 to 4 Months
Tailoring Class Fees: Monthly Fee - 1200/-
Admission Fee - 1000/-

Kurti Cutting Classes

Duration: 3 to 4 Months

Tailoring Class Fees: Monthly Fee - 1200/-
Admission Fee - 1000/-


Men's Wear Stitching Classes

Duration: 3 to 4 Months

Tailoring Class Fees: Monthly Fee - 1200/-
Admission Fee - 1000/-


Advanced Tailoring Class

Duration: 9 Months
Tailoring Class Fees: Monthly Fee - 1000/-
Admission Fee - 900/-

Intermediate Tailoring Class

Duration: 6 Months
Tailoring Class Fees: Monthly Fee - 700/-
Admission Fee - 550/-



Start Your Sewing Career with our Tailoring Class. Find the Course that Tailored Perfectly to Fit Your Aspirations

Why Choose Disha Fashion Institute? The Best Tailoring Classes Near You

At Disha Fashion Institute, we take pride in our rich legacy as a former Usha Sewing School that has evolved into an independent force in the tailoring educational sector.

Government Certified Tailoring Classes

Unlock the advantages of our government-certified tailoring classes, guaranteeing a curriculum that adheres to the highest educational standards. Upon finishing our 1-year diploma program, earn a prestigious Skill India certificate as proof of your expertise and commitment. Many of you search for'government silai center near me', 'government stitching classes near me' or 'government tailoring classes near me'. If you are one of them you have reached the right place.

Affordable Tailoring Classes

At Disha Fashion Institute, we believe in making quality education accessible. Our commitment to affordability is reflected in our low tailoring class fees. As a former Usha Sewing School, we take pride in offering courses with fees that remain below the standard Usha Sewing School course fees. Join us in crafting your future without breaking the bank.

How We Started?

Founded with a commitment to empower women, Disha Fashion Institute initially focused solely on offering exclusive 'ladies tailoring classes.' However, we've expanded our horizons to welcome men as well. Enroll in our dynamic 'online tailoring classes' or attend our offline sessions to dive into a comprehensive learning experience. Explore the realms of cutting and stitching skills, dress designing, fashion designing, embroidery, and beyond. Our courses not only cater to your passion but also serve as a gateway to diverse career opportunities within the sewing industry.

Usha Sewing Classes

Dive into the world of couture at Disha Fashion Institute, the best tailoring school in Kolkata. Discover the art of stitching through our accredited 'usha tailoring classes' and dynamic 'apparel design courses.' As the go-to 'usha sewing school,' we blend tradition of usha sewing courses with innovation of modern day fashion designing, offering a comprehensive range of courses that include the syllabus of 'usha stitching classes' or 'usha tailoring classes' that you are aware of. Whether you are searching for 'usha tailoring classes near me' or a flexible online tailoring classes, our institute is your gateway to mastering the craft. Join us, where every stitch is a step towards couture mastery!

Opportunities After Completing Tailoring Classes at Disha Fashion Institute

Embark on an Empowering Journey. Tailored Pathways Await You

Become a Tailor

After you finish your sewing courses, you can join our team of tailors and designers. We receive orders from various places of India and Bangladesh. Our students form a team to help complete these dressmaking orders.

Start an Online Business

You can open your own boutique or an online/ecommerce business. As a part of the sewing courses we will guide you and support you in setting up your own business managing your boutique marketing your product etc

Become a Fashion Designer

After completion of your sewing course, you have the opportunity for placements directly from the institute. We receive numerous inquiries from various manufacturing units of small businesses, mid-level industries, and nationwide companies. Additionally, we organize on-campus interviews at the institute

Open Your Own Sewing School

After completing your training, you have the option to start your own Usha Sewing School, Singer Tailoring School, or become an independent tailoring class provider. We provide assistance with school administration guidance and digital marketing for our students. Additionally, we offer special classes to help you kickstart your school.

Sewing as a Career

Career Options and Advantages of Developing Tailoring Expertise

In India, particularly in Bengal, the tradition of cutting and stitching has long been associated with ladies, often deemed essential for domestic needs as they approach marriage. Whereas most tailors in the society were male. Men used to learn tailoring for business purposes. In contrast, girls used to acquire this skill primarily for domestic applications.

The evolving societal landscape is witnessing a positive shift. More women are now actively choosing stitching as a profession. This transformation prompts a closer look at the advantages of enrolling in stitching classes, addressing both professional growth and personal well-being. Starting with non-professional aspects, we'll subsequently explore the diverse earning opportunities, ranging from securing a tailor job to venturing into fashion blogging or launching an independent e-commerce portal.

Tailoring Materials
Tailoring Materials

Buy Your Sewing Kit

Purchase your beginner's sewing kit directly from our tailoring school. For online students, we'll ship the kit to your doorstep. If you're an offline student, you can simply pick up your sewing kit directly from the school.

Sewing Kit Details

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