What is a Placket

Understand what is a placket. Learn essential tips for creating strong and stylish garment openings. Elevate your fashion game today.
What is a Placket ?
What is a Placket ?
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What is a Placket?

A placket is a narrow piece of fabric that often reinforces or serves as an opening in a garment. It is typically found in the front of a shirt, blouse, or other types of clothing. The primary purpose of a placket is to provide a structural and functional element to the garment, allowing for ease of putting on and taking off the clothing item.


In shirts, for example, the placket is the strip of fabric that runs down the front, where buttons and buttonholes are usually located. It helps create a neat and finished appearance while also allowing the garment to open and close. Plackets can vary in design and construction, and they are common in various types of clothing to accommodate closures like buttons, snaps, or zippers.

Placket Construction Considerations

The placket is typically crafted on the left-hand side of the seam, providing strength and a polished appearance. When creating a placket, attention to certain factors enhances its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

i) Concealed Neatness:

A well-crafted placket should strive to be discreet and lie flat.

ii) Avoiding Excess:

Ensure the placket is not overly heavy, shrunk, or spread, maintaining a balanced design.

iii) Adapt to Garment Openings:

The neck opening should facilitate easy wearing and removal. Different garments may require specific placket types, such as centered, lapped, or continuous bound.

iv) Reinforcement for Strain:

Strengthen the placket's closed ends, neck, and skirt openings to withstand pressure and strain during wear.

v) Fabric and Style Harmony:

Select the placket type based on the fabric's characteristics, texture, position on the costume, and current fashion trends. Matching weight, drape, and stretch properties ensure a cohesive garment appearance.

vi) Precision in Cutting:

Accurate cutting is paramount for achieving a neat and well-finished placket. Utilize precise measurements and cutting tools to maintain symmetry in the fabric pieces.

Types of Plackets
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