Cutting and stitching courses

In our tailoring courses you will learn cutting and stitching in most professional way. You will get to practice on pattern paper at first then on the fabric. The students are taught with care and diligence. If you do not have any sewing experience and want to start your career in sewing occupation for the first time then you need not worry. In our basic stitching course you will slowly build your confidence on various patter cutting techniques. If you are not based in Kolkata or you have difficulties in doing classroom training then you can always join our online stitching course. In our online tailoring course we provide extra care in explaining the techniques in online mode. We have started the online courses during Covid lockdown and it has proved to be successful and more effective mode of training where students can learn and acquire creative skills with all their comfort at home.

Sewing And Designing
  • Number of students: 500+
  • Course Duration: 6 Months
  • Level: Beginner

This is a beginner level tailoring course which covers variety of Women dresses, blouse, kameez, churidar kamiz, kurti, frocks, men's wear and children's wear.

Anyone who does not even know how to thread a needle or tie a knot can join this tailoring course. This course is useful for the experienced tailors as well because it has advanced men's and women's dresses like Nehru Kurta to Bengali Kurta and Pipin Blouse to Collar Blouse. Go through the full list of items taught in this course.

Course Syllabus

Woman Dresses

1. Six Panel Petticoat
2. A-line Cut frock
3. Peni Frock
4. Mekiya Frock
5. Umbrella Frock
6. Under Wear
7. Nighty
8. Kameez
9. Salwar with belt
10. Plain Blouse
11. Churidar Kameez
12. Churidar With Belt
13. House coat
14. Collar Blouse
15. Pipin Blouse
16. Choli Cut Blouse
17. Short Sleeve blouse with Lining
18. Night Gown Set
19. Night Suit
20. Full Length Wraparound Skirt
21. Squat
22. Angarakha Kurta
23. Princess Shirt
24. Patchwork Kurta

Men's Wear

1. Basic Shirt Block
2. Shirt Full Sleeve
3. Shirt Half Sleeve
4. Aligarhi Pajama
5. Basic Trouser Block
6. Flat Front Trousers
7. Churidar
8. Cargo Pants
9. Achkan
10. Kalidar Kurta
11. Nehru Kurta
12. Bengali Kurta
13. Waist Coat
14. Denim Jacket

Childen's Wear

1. Janghia
2. Children's Bengali Kurta
3. 2 Part Skirt
4. School Dress
5. Bib
6. Feeder
7. Panties
8. Toddlers Frock(Jhabla two variations)
9. Baba Suit
10. Slip
11. Bloomer
12. Under Wear with Gusset
13. Top
14. Shorts & Shirt
15. Sun Suit
16. Pleated Skirt
17. Sports Skirt
18. A-Line Frock
19. Party Frock
20. Dungarees
21. Jump Suit
22. Baby Bag

HouseHold Accessories

1. Pillow Cover
2. Cushion Cover
3. Apron with Decorative Stitches

Course Fee

Admission Fee(ClassRoom Training): Rs. 530/-
Sewing and Design(Class Room Training):Monthly Rs. 700/-

Learn advanced sewing skills with very minimum Usha sewing school courses fees. Please note that the cutting & tailoring course where USHA is written in brackets are USHA International provided courses. All other cutting & tailoring course are solely provided by Disha Fashion Institute
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