How to Sew a Zipper

Sew zippers like a pro! Learn step-by-step zipper insertion with or without a zipper foot. Elevate your garment game with expert techniques.
How to Sew a Zipper
How to Sew a Zipper
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How To Sew A Zipper With or Without A Zipper Foot

Whether you have a dedicated zipper foot or not, sewing in a zipper can be approached with confidence. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you conquer the zipper insertion process, regardless of your available tools.

Materials You'll Need

  • Fabric with a zipper opening
  • Matching thread
  • Zipper (appropriate length for your project)
  • Sewing machine

How to Sew a Zipper with a Zipper Foot

Step 1: Preparation

  1. Align the fabric pieces where the zipper will be inserted.
  2. Pin the zipper in place, ensuring it's centered and the right sides of the fabric are facing each other.

Step 2: Attach the Zipper Foot

  1. If you have a zipper foot, attach it to your sewing machine.
  2. Adjust the needle position to the left or right, depending on your machine.

Step 3: Stitching the First Side

  1. Begin stitching from the top of the fabric, getting as close to the zipper teeth as possible.
  2. Stitch down until you reach the zipper pull, leaving a few inches unstitched.

Step 4: Switch Sides

  1. Close the zipper and move the slider below the stitched section.
  2. Stitch the other side using the same technique.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

  1. Secure the stitches at the beginning and end.
  2. Trim any excess zipper length.

How to Sew a Zipper Without a Zipper Foot

We have shown 3 methods in the following video.

Method 1:

The first method is appropriate if you are looking to sew a zipper in the back of a dress i.e. in the back of a Kurti or the back of a dress. Basically, this method is appropriate to sew a zipper on any cloth which has a half-pointed slit.

Method 2:

The second method is appropriate if you are looking to sew a zipper in a pillow cover or cushion cover, the side of a blouse, or a shoulder opening. If you are looking to sew a zipper in the front opening of a jacket-like garment crop-length top, then follow this method. Basically, this method is appropriate for sewing any cloth with an open slit area.

Method 3:

The 3rd method of how to sew a zipper is also appropriate for any front opening. But it is more appropriate for any bottom ware. For example, a pant or a trouser.


Regardless of the method you choose, practice and patience are key. Experiment with scrap fabric before tackling your project. With these steps, you'll confidently sew zippers, adding a professional touch to your creations, whether you have a zipper foot or not.

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